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Pacific School of Religion (PSR) Impact

Seminary trained through relationships, education, and life experiences.

The People, Places, and Prose that have transformed my life!



Unafraid Since 1866


PSR MAST program helped me:


  • To explore my African American identity through the lens of theology and social justice

  • To gain the tools and knowledge to challenge racism and discrimination in the church and in society 

  • To develop my voice and use it to advocate for the oppressed and marginalized

  • To transform my life by helping me to become a more courageous, compassionate, and informed advocate for racial justice


Rev. Sandyha Jha

Author & Co-Moderator of

the Anti-Racism Commission

PSR has:

Opened my eyes to multiple religious practices, including the Disciples of Christ (DOC) Church and how they have historically supported Black lives and liberation theology tracing back to the mid-nineteenth century in the fight against oppression towards African Americans across North America and continuing today.


Dr. Emilie M. Townes

Dean, Author, Minister

PSR has:

Transformed my sermon preparation by teaching me to examine the text with a hermeneutic of suspicion and introducing me to dynamic women of color utilizing the lens of Womanist Theology. 

Sundrai Sam.jpg

Graduating Class of 2023

PSR has:

Blessed me with a community of supportive and affirming scholars and activists who share my commitment to racial justice. PSR has also, invited me to join their Alumni Association to remain connected, supported, and supportive of PSR and my fellow cohorts.

Sundrai Sam.jpg
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